Why Irish Pubs Are Famous

Have you ever wondered why Irish pubs are famous? It seems like everybody always has such a great time in their town’s particular manifestation of the classic pub. There’s usually at least one in any sizeable community, and they tend to be ingrained cultural institutions that everyone gives high marks.

So what are the highlighting four key features pertinent to an Irish pub’s success? Authentic design, great music, great food/drink, and a convivial staff. These are what separate Irish Pubs from generic venues. Anybody can cook good food and serve delicious craft beer, it’s become much more common these days, but it’s hard to do all that AND replicate the aura of authenticity that you always get at a classic Irish pub.

Plenty of bars have a comfortable and lively ambiance. It’s not hard to find a nightclub to have fun. However, there’s something about the traditional pub that is hard to beat. Part of it is the cool design that’s been in use in so many locations for decades (or more). This includes features like a snug, bar screens, back bars, and bric-and-brac. These are novelties you don’t find in modern design.

For our part, McGrath’s Irish Ale House happily serves the Lakewood Ranch community with authentic Irish Food and a copious volume of alcohol choices that you don’t find other places.

What kind of authentic food do we mean? How about . . .

  • Shepherds PieRoasted Potation Skins
  • Charcuterie & Cheese
  • Steak & Ale Pie
  • Bangers & Mash
  • McGrath’s Irish Beef Stew
  • Sides like: Chunky Chips, Minted English Peas, and Crispy Brussel Sprouts

Our drink menu includes a huge array of specialty cocktails (like McGrath’s Mule or The Irish Maiden), Irish whiskeys, beer, and beer flights (many ways to try several beers at once).

Ladies . . . don’t forget to grace us with your presence Wednesday nights especially. Ladies Night is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., where you can catch some great live music as well as a free drink.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to come to your local Irish pub. McGrath’s is happy to have you. To learn more, you’re welcome to call us at 941-210-4398 or schedule a reservation on our website.

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