Try an Irish Beer in Lakewood Ranch

lakewood ranch irish pub near sarasota

Nobody does beer like the Irish. If you’re in the mood for some delicious cold brews, try an Irish beer in Lakewood Ranch. McGrath’s Irish Ale House is the place to go.

For those who enjoy stouts, consider Murphy’s Irish Stout. We have bottles of Murphy’s Stout at McGrath’s. This beer is dark, rich, and has almost no bitterness thanks to the smooth coffee and chocolate flavors.

If beer isn’t your thing, cider might be. The Magners Irish Cider is the perfect hard cider for those who like something sweet and crisp. Magners uses 17 varieties of apples to make their cider and the fermentation process takes up to two years.

You may already be familiar with Guinness. It’s one of the most popular Irish brews in the United States. It got its origins in Dublin back in 1759. We have Guinness on tap at McGrath’s Irish Ale House.

If you really want the Irish experience, you’ll order Smithwick’s Ale from our draft beer list. Smithwick’s is the most popular beer in Ireland. It was originally brewed in Kilkenny at St. Francis Abbey all the way back in 1710. Unlike other Irish stouts, Smithwick’s has a red color. It also has a gentle bitterness that’s balanced out by the sweet and malty tones of the beverage.

The lager lover won’t be able to get enough of Harp Lager, which is also on our draft beer menu. This beer is pilsner-style with slight hops and light, crisp flavors. This is the perfect summertime beverage if you’re seeking something cool and refreshing.

If you’re having a hard time picking just one Irish beer from our menu, why don’t you try four? Our “The 4 Corners of the World” beer flight includes Harp, Kilkenny, Smithwick’s, and Guinness beers.

Take your tastebuds to Ireland with a trip to McGrath’s Irish Ale House. You can find us at 8110 Lakewood Main St. in Lakewood Ranch, FL. We look forward to seeing you here soon.

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