The Best Irish beers to Enjoy on National Beer Day

With the month of March right around the corner, you might be getting your pallet ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And while this day only comes around once a year, there’s another celebration the following month that’s also worth getting very excited about—national beer day! It takes place on April 7th of this year, and one of the best ways to celebrate the festivities is by coming by McGrath’s Irish Ale House for some of the best Irish beers. Not sure what to pick? This list will help you pick the perfect sudsy beverage!

Harp Lager

Crafted in Northern Ireland in 1959, Harp continues to be brewed in Dublin and is one of the most popular beers in Northern Ireland. The beer has a mild wheat taste and medium build that prevents it from tasting watered down. 

Killian’s Irish Red 

While it has the term “Irish” in its name, Killian’s is brewed in the United States by Coors. The current brand is based on a recipe that dates back to 1864. With its malty taste and 5.4% ABV, Killian’s is an excellent beer for social gatherings. 

Guinness Stout 

Unquestionably the most popular brand of Irish ale, Guinness Stout, is the original classic that continues to grow in popularity every year. First brewed in 1759, the dark ale has a bold and robust flavor and should be enjoyed slowly among friends. 

Guinness Blonde

What happens when one of the oldest breweries utilizes some American techniques? Why, Guinness Blonde, of course. With its bold citrus flavor that’s commonly associated with brands such as Shock Top, Guinness Blonde is proof that the world’s oldest brewery can adapt to the changes in trends. 

Kilkenny Ale 

Brewed in Ireland by the makers of Guinness, Kilkenny Ale is known for its malty flavor. The beverage lacks much of the carbonation of its contemporaries and goes down smooth because of its creamy taste. 

Smithwick’s Ale 

Known for its distinctive ruby red color, Smithwick’s Ale has first introduced all the way back in 1710. Many enjoy Smithwick’s for its balanced taste that combines mild hops, a sweet malt, and hints of roasted barley. Smithwicks has a low ABV of 3.8, making it ideal for social gatherings and sporting events. 

McGrath’s Irish Ale House 

Whether it’s national beer day or St.Patrick’s Day, we would love nothing more than to see you come on by and experience the authentic taste of Ireland. For a menu and more, head on over to

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