Spend Father’s Day The Irish Way

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On June 21st of this year, we celebrate Father’s Day. This tradition, in which we acknowledge the joy and hard work of fathers everywhere, began its practice in the United States in the year 1910. While many people have their own traditions that coincide with this unique holiday, McGrath’s Irish Alehouse invites you and your father to celebrate with us…the Irish way!

Father’s Day in Ireland 

For 2022, Father’s Day in Ireland is observed on June 19th, which happens to fall upon a Sunday. In Ireland, the holiday is usually observed on the third Sunday in June and is linked to St.Joseph, father of Jesus and husband to Mary. His guardianship of the messiah has been integrated into the celebration of the father, and the solemn duties that he blissfully attended to. 

Celebrating Father’s Day in the Irish Way 

In Ireland, Father’s day is celebrated with gust, enthusiasm, and reverence for the patriarchal figure of the family. It’s usually observed through the act of giving gifts, a hearty meal, and allowing for a day of rest. Many clubs and civic organizations in Ireland hold events and gatherings to recognize fatherhood and its important place in the development of a healthy child. 

Fun Father’s Day Facts 

While Father’s Day isn’t held in the same reverence as a holiday like Christmas, there are several facts that are attributed to the lore of Dad’s special day. 

  • While flowers are usually associated with Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, the red and white rose are both appropriate for Father’s Day, as the official flower for the holiday is the rose. 
  • While the origin of the word “dad” has been lost to the annals of history, it’s believed that the word was first used sometime in the 1500s, most likely due to a child’s mispronunciation of the term “father.”
  • The gifts that people choose to honor their father with are almost too numerous to mention. A recent survey concluded that the most popular gift was the tie. 
  • The greeting card industry stays busy all year long with mementos for just about every occasion. Several of the major companies attest that Father’s Day is the fifth highest-grossing holiday that people buy greeting cards for. 

Father’s Day at McGrath’s Irish Ale House 

The luck of the Irish is always with you when you decide to visit McGrath’s Irish Ale House. And when it comes to celebrating your Father’s luckiest of days, our location offers authentic cuisine and the heartiest of beverages to make him feel like a king. For more information, come on down to the end of the rainbow at mcgrathsirish.com.

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