Proper Ways to Make Restaurant Reservations

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When it comes to dining out at a reputable establishment, there are some basic rules you’re expected to follow. For instance, keep your elbows off the table, your napkin in your lap, and always say “please” and “thank you.” While these are expected at any restaurant, there’s another set of rules that are just as important to follow. These have to do with the good manners involved with calling ahead for a reservation. 

There’s Etiquette for Making a Reservation? Have I Been Doing Something Wrong? 

You’re most likely following the rules and making the right choices. But yes, there are proper mannerisms for making a reservation. Don’t consider this list as an indictment of past behavior but a quick “how-to” guide for the next time you decide to plan an engagement. 

Planning Ahead 

Pick the restaurant that you and your party would like to dine at. Do some research and figure out whether they offer reservations. Some do, some don’t. Some places are booked weeks in advance, so figuring out this vital information ahead of time is important. 

  • Have a definitive count of how many people will be at your party. It’s considered very impolite to book a table for five, and more attend without letting the restaurant know. Furthermore, some locations are busier than others, so they might not be able to provide extra space. 
  • Set a date and time. Find a day that agrees with everyone at your party. It’s also advisable to pick a backup date if the place you want to eat is booked solid. 

Making A Reservation

You’ve done the legwork, now it’s time to make the reservation official. There are a few essential steps that involve etiquette, so get your notepad out. 

  • Call the restaurant ahead of time. Please give them as much time to prepare, one week or a few days should be plenty of time for them to schedule you and your party. Though if it’s Mother’s Day or Easter, those days tend to fill up rather quickly, so be punctual and make plans early. 
  • Some places will let you schedule online, the same etiquette applies even though it’s being done without speaking to the person face-to-face. 
  • Be courteous and respectful. The person you’ll be dealing with deals with the public all day, and their job can be quite taxing from time to time. 
  • Call ahead to confirm the reservation. The last thing you want to do is show up to an event only to find out your reservation has been canceled. Confirming will prevent this possibility from happening. 
  • Be sure to call if you’re going to be late. Depending upon what day your reservation is, there might be a considerable backlog. If you’re going to be late, let the restaurant know so they can plan accordingly. 

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