National Irish Coffee Day

McGrath’s Irish Ale House proudly recognizes National Irish Coffee Day! Irish Coffee was first created in the winter of 1943 in the vicinity of Limerick, Ireland. This delicious style of coffee was welcomed to America in 1952 and we honor National Irish Coffee Day on January 25th.

A glass of Irish Coffee mixed with whiskey

Irish coffee customarily contains the blending of black coffee, whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream. Of course, numerous modifications have been created from the traditional recipe over the years, and it can easily be tailored in order to accommodate individual tastes.

Since there is no exact way to fashion an Irish coffee, have fun trying as many combinations as it takes until you pinpoint the one that is perfectly unique for you!

Appealingly simple…

The simplicity of preparing an Irish coffee means that you will not have to wait long to savor its wonderful taste. Simply pour your preferred amount of whiskey into a cup of coffee, add as little or as much sugar as you wish, and then indulge yourself by crowning your drink with a stately swirl of whipped cream.

Always in season…

Coffee, in general, is widely consumed throughout the year, no matter the weather. Irish coffee is enjoyed by adults during all four seasons and can be savored alone or accompanied by a treat of your choice.

Here’s to your health…

Alcohol is believed to have medicinal benefits when consumed in a conservative manner. Studies have indicated that drinking Irish coffee in moderation can actually assist in lowering the chances of various diseases.

Sip Irish Coffee in Lakewood Ranch

Although making a journey to Ireland would be an awesome way to celebrate National Irish Coffee Day, taking the trek may be a lot easier said than done. We believe that the next best thing would be to stop into McGrath’s Irish Ale House and acknowledge this festive tradition!

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