Keep Warm With Irish Fisherman Chowder Soup

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Soup is a comfort food enjoyed by many during the winter season. When you think of Irish meals, soup may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But if you’re looking for a new Irish warm and delicious recipe to try this St. Patrick’s Day, here are some reasons to sample Irish Fisherman Chowder Soup. 

Delicious Ingredients 

First, let’s find out exactly what Irish Fisherman Chowder Soup consists of. This soup is the perfect mix of both smoked and fresh fish. It gets its smoky qualities from the bacon that’s added and the smoked haddock. The broth has a creamy gentle texture making it the perfect comfort meal for a cold day. 

Where It All Began

You may think that fish has always been a popular meal choice in Ireland since the country is surrounded by water. But in reality, it was considered the poor man’s meal. Fish has just recently started to become popular again in towns such as Dublin and Galway. Now it has become a praised meal and even celebrated during occasions like the Galway Oyster Festival. 

A Unique Blend

Irish Fisherman Chowder is definitely a unique soup that you don’t see offered on a menu often. It consists of many more flavors than a standard soup making it stand out above the rest. A standard chowder uses the same elements that include fish, potatoes, onions, stock, and cream. Irish Chowder differs by combining fresh and smoked fish like a white fish and salmon combination. This Irish soup is also not as thick as others. Bacon, pancetta, and mussels are other delicious additions that you may find in this particular soup. 

Simple & Quick Recipe

At a glance, this soup may seem complicated to make but it’s actually quite a simple meal to try at home. First, you’ll need to cook the onion and bacon until it’s soft. Next, you’ll be adding the potatoes, stock, and herbs. After cooking for a few minutes the potatoes will be tender. Lastly, you’ll add the fish, cook for another few minutes, then add the cream. Another Irish favorite that pairs well with this meal is soda bread rolls. They taste even better soaking up the extra broth. This combination is the perfect easy lunch for any chilly day. 

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