Join McGrath’s for Tuesday Night Bingo

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We know exactly what you’re thinking: “Bingo? That game that senior citizens play?” And yes, we’re referring to the very same one. If you’ve ever spent an evening at McGrath’s Irish Alehouse, you already know about the authentic Irish cuisine we serve, the drinks we have on tap, and the inviting atmosphere that makes dining with us such a joy. Every Tuesday at 7 PM, we hold Bingo at our location, and research shows there are several benefits to playing. And we’re here to list a few. 

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination 

As we age, our reflexes aren’t quite what they once were. Playing games like Bingo improves our hand-eye coordination and keeps our cognitive senses sharpened. This is a significant part of helping to prevent memory loss as we progress towards old age. Some studies even claim that playing games such as Bingo can even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. 

Social Gathering Improves Mental Health

Feeling down? Restless? A night out away from the usual locations with stress or routine associated with them can benefit your overall mental health. Planning a night out with friends can be very therapeutic, and the excitement of a crowded bingo hall and the game’s suspense can allow your brain to release the endorphins triggered by stimulation. If you felt down when you first sat down for a game, you’d be racing with passion by the time the first round was over. 

Better Physical Health 

One might assume that a game that mainly involves sitting down and waiting for numbers to be called wouldn’t affect their physical health much. However, just the opposite is true. You’ve heard the old expression “laughter is the best medicine” several times. As it turns out, this is backed up by medical facts. Laughter and excitement are proven effective when it comes to our brains managing our physical health as well as our immune system. The mind can do incredible things for our physical health when adequately stimulated; bingo is a great way to accomplish this. 

Experience a Taste of Ireland at McGrath’s

Whether you stop in for Bingo, a drink or two, or even feel like having the whole Irish experience, McGrath’s Ale House is the best location for all these and more. Our menu constantly changes, but our dedication to service is always consistent. For more information, find us at the end of the rainbow at

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