Jameson Whiskey Tasting Event at McGrath’s

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At McGarth’s Irish Ale House, we pride ourselves on providing the authentic Irish taste that’s exclusive to the emerald isle. And while the cuisine we serve is something we take immense pride in, having a mouthful of food means needing something to wash it all down with. Luckily, we’ve got an upcoming event that coincides with this necessity. 

On August 25th, Mcgrath’s Irish Ale House is hosting a Jameson Whiskey tasting event from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Jameson is one of the biggest and most popular Irish imports, and this event is to help celebrate it in all of its rich, tasteful glory. 

Because Jameson is one of the most delectable spirits in existence, this event is going to fill to capacity quite quickly. Space is limited, so call ahead at 941-210-4398 to reserve a spot. Don’t wait too long.

Advantages of Drinking Whiskey 

Believe it or not, Irish whiskey not only tastes good but also provides a few advantages. That’s right; there are medically backed facts that support the consumption of Jameson. To prepare you for the upcoming event, here’s some light reading material to get you ready. 

(1) Low on Carbs, Big on Taste 

That’s right—whiskey is the ideal alternative if you’re looking for a drink with fewer carbs than a typical beer. 100 grams of whiskey contains 0.1 grams of carbs, as opposed to beer which has 3.6, or wine (2.7). 

(2) Fight Cancer with Every Shot 

Whiskey contains high concentrations of ellagic acid (more than wine). This antioxidant helps eliminate the rogue cells in the body that are responsible for causing certain cancers. Consumption of fruits and vegetables do that same job and can increase the chance of cancer prevention. 

(3) Prevention of Dementia 

As we get older, our brains don’t work as well as they used to. The same chemicals that fight cancer can also prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and improve your memory. You’ve got a combination of highly effective brain food when served up alongside fish. 

(4) A Cure for the Common Cold 

One of the most popular drinks during wintertime is what’s known as a “hot toddy.” This is whisky served warm with honey, lemon, and hot water. This drink helps unclog the mucous membrane and alleviates the common cold. 

Food to be Paired with Jameson at McGrath’s Whiskey Tasting:

Course 1: Jameson IPA Cask with Billionaire Bacon

Course 2: Jameson Orange with Citrus Steak salad

Course 3: Jameson Cold Brew with St. Louis style ribs in a chocolate BBQ sauce with jalapeño cheddar cornbread

Course 4: Jameson Stout Cask  with “Beeramisu”

The Authentic Taste of Ireland at McGarth’s 

You don’t need to book a flight or get a passport to taste authentic Irish cuisine. Reserving a table at McGrath’s is easy and can be done from our website. For our menu and much more, visit us at mcgrathsirish.com.

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