Enjoying the World Cup Games at McGrath’s

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The World Cup is in full swing. The largest sporting event in the entire world, which surpasses all others in terms of size and scope, countries from all over the world are converging in Qatar to showcase their individual talents as they search for the title of the world’s best. While it might be a little late to acquire tickets and an affordable fare, you can still enjoy the games in an environment that generates excitement and enthusiasm. Where, you might be asking? 

The Full World Cup Experience at McGrath’s 

We’ll be opening our doors for the matches that occur at  8:00 AM, 11:00 am, and 2:00 PM. There’s a lot to be excited about. We’re offering BOGO pints of ale to fuel the excitement of every kick, every goal, and every game. Forget about watching the games by yourself in your home, with the atmosphere of the emerald isle that McGrath’s prides itself on having, you’ll be there for every nail-biting moment as the World Cup brings out the spirit of competition in everyone. 

Drink and Be Healthy!

There’s never a bad excuse to stop on into McGrath’s for a few drinks and some of our first-class Irish cuisine and hospitality; the excitement of the World Cup is infectious, and we want to provide our customers with a first-class experience. This is why when game time begins; we’re offering buy one, get one pint. Whether you’re in the mood for Guinness or not doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy yourself! 

A Better Experience Than the Stadium 

Enjoying the game at a stadium can be enjoyable, but the crowds and prices can easily hinder excitement. At McGrath’s, we’re completely committed to giving our patrons an excellent experience, which is why we also provide private viewing areas for the spectacle. These will most likely fill up fast, so book your reservations today! 

McGrath’s Irish Ale House 

For a true taste of Ireland right here in Lakewood Ranch, McGrath’s is dedicated to providing immeasurable amounts of joy to anyone who walks in. Nowhere else will you find authentic Irish cuisine that’s been closely guarded for generations, all served up with care and attention. For a menu, events, and much more, pay us a visit at mcgrathsirish.com.

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