Enjoy Whiskey tasting this April 20th at McGrath’s!

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At McGrath’s Irish Ale House, we take immense pride in allowing our customers to have an authentic taste of Ireland every time they come to visit, whether it’s the cuisine that’s crafted with care by our cooks, the raucous atmosphere that’s synonymous with an Irish pub, or the drinks that we all love to enjoy with adulation and enthusiasm. Now, what if we told you that there was an upcoming event at our location that managed to integrate all of these activities together? Well, there is! 

April Whiskey Tasting at McGrath’s Irish Ale House

While we’ve always carried plenty of whiskeys and ryes at our location, we’re hosting a very special event on April 20th that’s far too good to refuse. We’re hosting a whiskey-tasting event, but what makes this one special is that the whiskey we’ll be serving is one that is of our own creation. We’re proud to present Keeper’s Heart and McGrath’s Irish Ale House’s very own single barrel edition! Brought into existence by master distiller Brian Nation, this blend of American and Irish whiskey is one of a kind. And for the low price of only $75, you’ll get to taste the excellence as well as enjoy a four-course meal. The event lasts from six to eight PM; we guarantee you’ll enjoy every moment. 

Not Quite Scottish…

If you’ve ever browsed through the shelf at your local liquor store, you may have noticed that brands such as Jameson, which is sold as Irish Whiskey, are near the single malt and blended flavors of Scotch. Scotch, or Scotch whiskey, is exclusively from Scotland. And while Irish Whiskeys are made in a very similar fashion, the biggest difference is the name. 

One of the Better Alcoholic Beverages 

While we can’t stress enough that moderation is always best when enjoying any alcoholic beverage, whiskey is one of the better choices if you’re watching your weight. Whiskey has zero crabs and no sugar, which is much easier on your gut than beer or wine. 

McGrath’s Irish Ale House

For an authentic taste of Ireland, you don’t need airfare or a passport, just your appetite. For a menu, directions, and much more, pay us a visit at mcgrathsirish.com.

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