Enjoy the Taste of Ireland in The Comfort of Your Own Home

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At McGrath’s Irish Ale House, we work our hardest to give our customers the authentic experience of the Emerald Isle. Whether it’s the drinks or dishes that we serve up or the raucous atmosphere that mimics the experience of an authentic Irish pub. But sometimes, you crave a quiet night at home but still have a penchant for some good eating. Well, now you can get McGarth’s Irish cuisine delivered right to your door through Doordash. Ordering out is a great way to have a wonderful evening and essential for skipping the lines. 

Taking a Load Off 

It’s Friday night. You’ve just put in 40 hours of work and are looking to rest your weary bones and enjoy some much-needed downtime. And while your appetite might be ready to rock and roll, you might be worn down from another busy week and have little to no energy left. Ordering out means getting your fill without getting up off your couch and cooking. You’ve already worked hard enough; it’s time to take a load off your mind and feet, but not your stomach. 

Supporting the Local Economy 

One of the things we learned during the global pandemic is that many businesses had to rely on delivery only to survive and keep themselves amidst hardship. By ordering out from a local and independently owned restaurant, you’re helping to support the local economy, which is essential for growth in the community. 

Quick and Convenient 

The modern age has gifted us with a wide variety of conveniences. Everything from banking to groceries is available with the click of an app on our phones. Takeout would be one of these. A phone call usually doesn’t need to be placed, and you can customize your order with just a few clicks. Many places can have your food prepared and at your door in 30 minutes. 

More Options for More Appetitites 

In the past, ordering out was limited to pizza and Chinese food. And while these are certainly enjoyed by many, having your options open and a variety of dishes to choose from is always a good thing. Ordering online from McGrath’s Irish Alehouse means having authentic cuisine which has been carefully prepared with care and expertise. From shepherd’s pie to scotch eggs, our best dishes can be brought right to your door. For a menu, reservations, upcoming events, and details about what can be delivered drop by mcgrathsirish.com.