Enjoy Family Fun at the Pumpkin Patch, Followed by a Delicious Meal at McGrath’s

Here at McGrath’s, there’s always a reason to celebrate, especially with our wide selection of authentic Irish cuisine that gives you an authentic taste of the Emerald Isle and drinks to wash it all down. Not to mention the atmosphere that perfectly recreates the feeling of the Irish pub experience, and while we normally enjoy gearing up during the spring for all of the joy and rivalry that accompanies St. Patrick’s Day, we believe in the Irish tradition of celebrating all year long. And with the summer over and the cool autumn air circulating, it’s time to seize the opportunity for the perfect fall tradition of pumpkin picking, followed by a hearty meal and drink at McGarth’s! 

A Tradition Born Out of Necessity 

There’s no denying that Americans love pumpkin. Got to any coffee shop, and it’s more than easy to find pumpkin spice flavoring adorning lattes and muffins. But that’s not all; any liquor store or local tavern is bound to have pumpkin-flavored beers from a variety of different distilleries and microbreweries ready to be served. But where does this obsession and love affair with the pumpkin begin? Believe it or not, it was one that was born out of necessity. During America’s involvement during the Second World War, many food supplies were limited. It was around this time when many American families began growing and hoarding pumpkins as a viable food source and flavoring, as they could used for a wide variety of different dishes. When the conflict was finally over, many Americans grew to love these orange spheres as they were not only used for Jack-O-Lanterns during Halloween but also became the focal point of a new activity, pumpkin picking. And this, the love affair with the pumpkin patch, has persisted ever since. 

‘Tis the Season 

Most pumpkin patches are open from the month of September until October or November, typically concluding with the arrival of Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect fall activity for the entire family to enjoy, and there’s no better way to end a fun evening than getting your fill of traditional Irish cuisine at McGrath’s Irish Ale House. We’re constantly holding special events and improving our menu, so be sure to stop by where Irish eyes are always smiling. For more on us and what we’re serving up, drop by www.mcgrathsirish.com