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National Irish Coffee Day is January 25, 2021. If you’ve never tried an Irish coffee, January 25 is the perfect time to do so. On the other hand, if you’re a big Irish coffee fan, use this unofficial holiday as a day to celebrate one of your favorite beverages.

Irish coffee is a drink that traditionally consists of black coffee, whiskey, sugar, and whipped cream. However, there are several variations of Irish coffee that you can find at restaurants or make at home.

During the winter of 1943, chef Joe Sheridan of Foynes Port near Limerick, Ireland created the first Irish coffee. Foynes Port was an airbase for transatlantic flights at the time, and a lot of prominent figures and celebrities would end up in Foynes during their layovers. If passengers had to spend the night in Foynes, they’d often visit the bars and restaurants in the area. One day when a plane abandoned its trip and turned back to Foynes, chef Joe Sheridan crafted Irish coffee to warm up and cheer up the passengers. According to the legend, everyone drank their coffees in silence until one person asked if they were drinking Brazilian coffee. Joe responded with, “no, that’s Irish coffee,” and the name of this drink has been “Irish coffee” ever since.

To celebrate National Irish Coffee Day, order up an Irish coffee at McGrath’s Irish Ale House. Here, we call our Irish coffee “The Morning After.” Our Irish coffee is made from fresh brewed coffee, Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey, Bailey’s, and whipped cream.

This January 25, head over to McGrath’s Irish Ale House. We are located at 8110 Lakewood Main Street in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, and we hope you’ll sip on an Irish coffee with us!

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