Dinner & A Movie: The Best Combination for Date Night

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There is certainly a multitude of ways that you and your significant other can enjoy a date night. Everyone has their own selection of activities that they have as their preference. One of the most celebrated and well-known is the winning combination of dinner and a movie. Whether you decide to do dinner or the movie first is entirely at your own discretion, and here at McGrath’s Irish Ale House, we’re the perfect location for this activity. Why? Because of another particular location that we happen to be in close proximity with. 

The Advantages of Dinner & A Movie

Before we go into the reasons why our location is ideal, we want to take a few moments to discuss why dinner and a movie are one of the best ideas for date night. Film is a powerful medium and an art form that provokes our emotions and makes us think about the images that are playing on the screen in front of us. A delicious meal afterward allows for an enriching conversation, not just about what the two of you have just seen, but how it makes you feel and allows for the wheels of conversation to keep rolling. 

Location, Location, Location 

This phrase, which is one of the driving principles behind being successful in real estate, is why McGarth’s Irish Ale House is the perfect setting for an after-movie dinner (or pre-meal if you prefer.) Right across the street from us is Lakewood Ranch Cinemas. And much like the praise heaped on McGrath’s, the theatre in question is well-regarded among many Lakewood Ranch residents for its wonderful atmosphere and for providing a comfortable experience that one always remembers. When you stop by McGrath’s either before or after your theatre-going experience, you’ll have a chance to engage in conversation, company, and especially the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a traditional Irish pub. The pub experience is one that involves talking, drinking, and enjoying the company of those who we love and cherish the most. 

McGrath’s Irish Ale House 

Whether you decide to stop by before a screening or right afterward, you can rest assured that Irish eyes are always smiling when you stop by Mcgrath’s Irish Ale House. From the best food and drinks that are inspired by the emerald isle to a setting that replicates the authentic Irish pub experience, you’ll love every moment you get to spend with us. For a menu, reservation, and upcoming events, stop by mcgrathsirish.com.