Celebrating Halfway to St.Paddy’s Day! (September 17th)

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Summertime is finally at an end. With September in full swing, children are returning to school, and the crisp autumn temperatures are beginning to make themselves known. And while the month of September is commonly associated with Labor Day, there’s another celebration that many are getting ready for. September 17th marks the halfway point to St. Patrick’s Day. While this celebration seems odd to some, the halfway point to St. Paddy’s is the perfect time to embrace your Irish Heritage and begin the countdown to a day where everyone’s a little bit Irish. 

Ways to Celebrate the Halfway Point 

People have their own customs and traditions when it comes to celebrating any holiday. If you’ve decided to join the many people participating in the festivities, we’ve gathered a few ideas to help you get started. 

Taking Up a Musical Instrument 

Ireland is a country with a rich musical tradition. From its folk music to Thin Lizzy, several artists have graced the stage and albums that reflect the rich cultural tradition. Instruments such as the mandolin are prevalent in many Irish songs, and learning a few songs will be a great way to celebrate. 

Plan a Trip to Ireland

Plan on doing some research on your Irish Heritage? Planning a trip to the Emerald Isle is much easier and cheaper than you think. If you saved as little as $10 a week towards your trip now, you’d have enough for airfare and sights by the time March of 2023 rolls around.  

Brush Up on Your Irish History

We live in an age where information is more accessible than ever. Doing research no longer involves visiting a library and sifting through a card catalog. There are online courses, and colleges put up supplements for education on their websites, making them accessible to the entire public. 

Organize a Party 

While you might not hear about several parties marking the halfway point to St. Patrick’s Day, that’s no excuse not to have one! Gather your friends and colleagues together and pre-game for what’s coming in less than half a year away. 

McGrath’s Irish Ale House

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Ireland but don’t have money for a round-trip ticket, don’t despair. At McGrath’s, we celebrate Ireland all year long. Come for some luck and drinks and get in touch with your inner Irish. For a menu and much more, visit us at mcgrathsirish.com.

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