Celebrate National Happy Hour Day at McGrath’s

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November is a month in which we express our thankfulness and gratitude for all that we have and get to share with our friends and loved ones. And while Thanksgiving is certainly what most people associate with the month in question, there’s another celebration that you should mark down on your calendars. On November 12th, we observe the celebration known as National Happy Hour Day! We at McGarth’s Irish Ale House want you to come down and partake in the festivities with us and enjoy the luck of the Irish. 

History of Happy Hour 

Happy Hour is a favorite institution of many who enjoy relaxing with a libation or two after a hard day’s work. To fully appreciate the concept and its practice, we’re going to turn back the pages of history and attempt to determine where it all began. One of the earliest incarnations of the concept dates back to the early 20th century. To help alleviate boredom when on a long voyage at sea, a weekly program was instituted by the Navy on the USS Arkansas.  This trend began to gain popularity throughout the Navy, and by the end of the first world war, several ships in the fleet had their own versions of “happy hour.”.  A 1959 article in the Saturday Evening Post reported that American servicemen in the Caribbean were having an hour set aside during their day to enjoy a few libations and relax when off-duty. 

Against the Law

From 1920 to 1933, the United States entered a unique chapter in its history—prohibition. During this thirteen-year period, the manufacturing, transportation, and sale of alcohol were prohibited. The predecessor of happy hour, cocktail hour, began to achieve notoriety around the same time prohibition went into effect. By the time prohibition had ended in 1933, bars and restaurants utilized cocktail hour as a marketing ploy to attract business following the newfound legalization of alcohol. 

How to Celebrate National Happy Hour Day 

You might be asking yourself, “how does one celebrate National Happy Hour Day?” The answer is actually rather straightforward and simple. Sit down at your favorite watering hole with your closest friends, raise your glasses, and be thankful for the camaraderie that you all get to share with one another. From all of us at McGrath’s, we hope to see you on the day that we recognize the wonderful world of Happy Hour. For a menu, drinks, and upcoming events, visit us at https://www.mcgrathsirish.com/.

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