Celebrate Girls Night Out at McGarth’s Irish Ale House

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When it comes to both popular culture and the act of dining out, the term “ladies night” gets used quite often. While it would be cynical to look at the term as a marketing ploy for an establishment to attract more business, there’s much more to the act of enjoying a night out with the ladies. And we do mean “ladies”, so fellas, it’s best to sit this one out and find another way to occupy yourself. 

A Night Out For a Happier Life 

A study conducted by UCLA determined that having a girl’s night out once a week actually elevated mental health, and self-esteem, and provided an excellent way to assist in coping with the stress that accumulates throughout the course of the workday. What’s more, this study also showed that a lack of interaction is about as detrimental to physical health as smoking or overeating. 

Solidarity Through Bonding 

The modern age is dominated by social media, and for many, this has taken the form of human interaction. While life gets busy and can be quite stressful, interaction in the real world is an important part of furthering your well-being. Bonding with those closest is a wonderful act of solidarity that draws us closer to one another. 

Playing Dress Up For Real 

As children, our favorite princess dresses allowed us to assume a royal identity and escape into a world of fantasy. This tradition carried itself over into adolescence, as we got to play dress-up at the prom and homecoming. Having a girl’s night out allows us to assume these royal identities of old and place ourselves on high to be treated like the goddesses we are and be adored as such. 

Remembering Who We Are and Reclaiming Our Identity 

Life can be unpredictable and stress-inducing. Be that as it may, the people we have in our life keep us grounded and focused on the very best things in life. Simply taking one day a week to connect with the people we value most keeps our eyes on the prize and reminds us of what the most important things in life are. 

Last but not least…it’s fun! 

McGrath’s Irish Ale House 

When you’re ready to leave the lads at home and have a lass-only night by invite-only, consider McGrath’s Irish Ale House as the perfect spot for just such an occasion. Whether it’s authentic Irish cuisine or finely crafted cocktails, we have everything a lucky lass could ask for! Come visit us at McGraths Irish Ale House for a night unlike any other.

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