Bingo Night Tips & Tricks

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Who doesn’t love Bingo? Bingo is a fun and easy game that people of all ages can enjoy. Additionally, Bingo is an excellent opportunity to win big. Be sure to head to McGrath’s Irish Ale House for some Bingo fun. However, before you do so, be sure to check out our Bingo night tips and tricks.

First things first, get the details for the Bingo night you are attending. At McGrath’s, Bingo is every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. We encourage people to come out of their shells and mingle during our event. We invite you to bring your friends and family along for an entertaining bonding activity. McGrath’s Tuesday Bingo event is also for all ages! If you want to bring your kids or parents, all are welcome.

We also add some variety to our bingo gameplay. We switch up the style to keep guests entertained and on their toes. However, we always make sure our Bingo games are simple to learn and fun.

Second, try to be an early bird if you can. You want to secure a seat at McGrath’s during Bingo night. You also want to order some food so you have the fuel you need to win big at Bingo.

When choosing a seat, choose wisely. You want to be sure you can see and hear the caller at our Bingo event. Being able to clearly see and hear allows you to catch all of the action, which improves your chances of winning.

You can bring your own dabber, ink marker, or tool of your choice to our Bingo night. We supply dabbers for those who need one, but bringing your own may help you feel more comfortable during the event.

Bingo is just that simple! Follow these tips and tricks for a fun night of Bingo at McGrath’s Irish Ale House. Our Tuesday Bingo event starts at 7 p.m., so consider arriving a bit early to place an order for food and get situated. We are located at 8110 Lakewood Main Street in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, and we can’t wait to spend Tuesday nights with you!

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