5 Awesome Drinks To Try At An Irish Pub

You might believe that you can only experience a truly authentic Irish drink by traveling to the Emerald isle and ordering one in an Irish pub. Yet, this isn’t true as at McGrath’s Irish Ale House; you can experience the mouthwatering taste of Irish drinks while sitting down and enjoying a meal. Our fine establishment is located in Florida, so no need to hop on a plane and fly all the way to Ireland.

Irish pub drink Guinness

If you’re wondering what Irish drinks you should try out when you next visit an Irish pub, this article might be of interest to you. We will look at a few of the most popular Irish drinks you should consider trying at least once during your lifetime. 

The Top Five Irish Drinks Every Irish Pub Should Have

Often you will hear of drinks that you have been deemed Irish but in actuality are as far from Irish as can be. Fortunately, we have managed to round up six of the best truly authentic Irish drinks. Have a look below to learn more about them. 

  1. Guinness

First on our Irish drinks list is the most popular Irish drink you have undoubtedly heard of or seen at your local Irish pub. Guinness is unsurprisingly the national drink of Ireland, and interestingly, it used to be given to new mothers in Dublin as a health supplement while they were in the hospital. Many consider the drink to be an acquired taste, but others enjoy the malty sweetness of chocolate and coffee alongside bitter roast notes.

2. Irish Coffee

Although Irish coffee isn’t too popular amongst the locals in Ireland, it is hugely popular amongst tourists and the people of America. If you’re someone who enthusiastically enjoys the taste of coffee and whipped cream, you will likely love Irish coffee. This drink comprises a rich coffee flavor with a hint of sweetness from the sugar and whipped cream. You won’t even be able to taste more than a hint of the whisky if it’s made right. 

3. Jameson Whisky

Jameson is the number one best-selling Irish whiskey in the world. Jameson whisky is triple distilled, which makes it twice as smooth on your palette. When you participate in a Jameson whisky tasting, you will notice it has a sweet fragrance and taste of luxury. The drink features subtle oak notes, malted barley, and buttery tones. 

4. Baby Guinness

Contrary to popular belief, a baby Guinness does not have any Guinness in it even though it has the appearance of a mini pint of Guinness. A baby Guinness is a shot-style drink that is meant to be consumed in one go. This drink consists of two types of alcohol, namely Kahlua at the bottom and an Irish cream liqueur like Baileys on the top. 

5. Baileys

Arguably, one of the most popular Irish drinks is Baileys. This alcoholic beverage is a whisky-based cream liqueur. It has a refined, smooth, and creamy texture and tastes like sweetened milk with notes of vanilla and chocolate. Most people choose to enjoy Baileys as a shooter or on ice, and it’s most often had after a meal.

At McGrath’s Irish Ale House, there is a wide array of Irish drinks to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a bittersweet malt beer like Guinness, a hot alcoholic beverage like Irish coffee, or a fast and hard shooter like Baileys, we have you covered. Why not visit our Irish restaurant in Florida for a relaxing meal with your friends and family. You can find us at our 8110 Lakewood Main St. Lakewood Ranch, Florida restaurant, or you can contact us at 941-210-4398 to make a reservation.

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